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Getting started with ArubaCoin?

Using ArubaCoin to pay and receive funds is free, easy and is accessible to everyone.
ArubaCoin is a multi-platform digital currency with support for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, we are also supported by the cryptocurrency hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

The tech

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Built on Ethereum

ERC-20 with an audited genesis smart-contract, popular Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets support ArubaCoin, Listed on ForkDelta ExchangeGetDelta app, CoinMarketWatch & CryptoCompare.

Instant transactions

Peer to peer transactions, broadcasted on a decentralised blockchain, censorship resistant, you control your wealth by holding your ArubaCoin encrypted private key. Plans are on for integrating automated crypto trading apps; refer for more details.


Crypto ATM, more exchanges, business adoption with community bounty's, PoS conversion paypal app and social media tipping integration featured prominently + privacy features with ArubaCoin tumbler, burned 15million ArubaCoin - [more info]

Network activity

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About ArubaCoin

ArubaCoin is a decentralised protocol and open-source grassroots initiative by prominent bitcoin community members and fully auditable on the blockchain.
The community members are bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocates and developers that volunteer to help ArubaCoin. Anybody can join and contribute.

No leaders, no rulers, in code we trust.

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